How can I set a multiple timers for my Twinkly lights?

Workaround to set multiple timers using voice assistants

Applies to all devices managed through voice assistants (Apple Home Kit to generation II only)


Though it’s still not possible to set more than one-timer at the same time via the Twinkly app, you can eventually reach the same results, setting multiple ones with voice assistants like Google Home, or Alexa, that's part of the magic of Twinkly compatibility!

Here's how.

How to set a timer via Alexa

  • Open Alexa and go to More => Routines
  • Create a new Routine
  • In the section “When this happen” select the times and days you prefer
  • Select “Add Action” => Lights => Twinkly => Power On

Please note:

We suggest consulting the complete procedure via the official Amazon Alexa channel.


How to set a timer via Google Home

Using Google Home it is possible to set up routines, one of which is the custom routine:

  1. Open the Google Home app: 

  2. Tap Routines  Add at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Under 'How to start', tap  Add starter to choose the trigger that you want for your routine.

    • Voice control: Add the command you want to use for your routine.

    • (Optional) Time: Get your routine activated at a specific time.

    • (Optional) Sunrise/sunset: Choose whether to get your routine activated at sunrise or sunset.

    • (Optional) Dismiss an alarm: Automatically start your routine when you dismiss an alarm on your speaker or display.

  4. Under 'This routine will', tap Add action choose a routine category, then action and tap Done and Save.

Please note:

We suggest consulting the complete procedure via the official Google channel.

How to set a timer via Apple Home Kit

To set a timer via the Apple Home Kit, an Apple Hub or an Apple TV is also required ,together with the iPad or iPhone app.

  1. In the Home app, go to the Automation tab, and tap or click Add +

  2. Choose A Time of the Day, then choose a time and day. Tap or click People to have the automation occur at a certain time when someone is home. Tap or click Next. 

  3. Select scenes and accessories to automate, then tap or click Next.

  4. To adjust an accessory on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, press and hold it. On Mac, double-click the accessory. 

  5. Tap or click Done.

Please note:

We suggest consulting the complete procedure via the official Apple channel.


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