How can I set different shades of white on my Twinkly lights?

Brief guide on setting shades of white on your Twinkly devices

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices and Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


If you want to create effects with shades of white on your RGB, RGB+W, or AWW Twinkly devices, there are different ways you can do this.
Just keep in mind that each LED profile has its own features (more on this here).

Changing the color of your Twinkly device.

There are three ways to change the color of your Twinkly LEDs:

Setting white light on RGB+W devices

You can use your RGB+W LEDs to create tones from warm white to cold white. 

Select any color, setting saturation to a minimum. You’ll get warm white if you slide the slider of the top bar completely to the left, or cold white if you slide it completely to the right.

RGBW_Cold white-1

RGBW_Warm white-1

Setting white light on Multicolor (RGB) devices

You can also use your RGB LEDs to create tones from warm white to cold white. 

The different shades are the result of a blend between the three RGB color sources: red, blue, and green.

For warm white, select a shade between orange and yellow, and move the saturation slider to the right to set your preferred tone.

For cold white, select any color and set the saturation to a minimum.

RGB_Cold white-1

RGB_Warm white-1

4. Setting white light on AWW devices

With the AWW you can choose between warm or cool whites by simply moving the slider to your preferred shade:

AWW_Cold white-1

AWW_Warm white-1

Setting white light on a group of RGB and RGB+W devices

Groups composed of RGB and RGB+W LEDs acquire the RGB devices' color palette, so the pure white slider will not be available.
Please refer to the directions in the RGB LEDs heading.

How to add the perfect shade of white to your effects

In addition, you can create your own perfect white using the Controls color palette, copy its HEX code and paste it when making your Drawing effect. (iOS only)


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