How do I create my Effects playlist?

Create a playlist of effects and animations for your Generation II Twinkly devices

Applies to Twinkly Generation II devices., Twinkly PRO (except for Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box (1000 LEDsx4port) and Twinkly Plus devices.


You can now create a playlist of your favorite effects on your Generation II Twinkly lights, including groups of lights. Choose any effects, including from All or Favorites.

Create your playlist

  • On the Gallery page, tap the playlist symbol in the top left-hand corner.

  • Tap on the Edit symbol on the bottom menu, then select “Add effect” to browse various effects and add as many as you want to your playlist.

  • Edit the timing of your effects.


      Tips on saving your playlist

      If you have issues saving your playlist, follow these tricks:

      • use the Erase Device Effects function to free up available memory

      • be sure not to save too many effects to your playlist, or try removing some to see if that takes care of the issue.

      Please note that you can add up to 15 effects to the Playlist.


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