How do I edit a preset effect?

Guided procedure to edit a preloaded effect on your Gallery


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


The effects in the Twinkly gallery can be edited according to your taste and creativity, and here’s where all the fun lies!

For each product, there are different default variations and parameters you can edit.


  1. Choose the Twinkly product or group of products to which you want to apply, selecting it on top of the gallery.
  2. Select and preview an effect.
  3. Click on “Edit” to start. The app will show all the available options for the given effect.                                              

Editing Options

The first option changes according to the chosen product and effect.

You can edit the number of colored stripes, their width, or their speed.

The third option is usually related to the color: select a pre-set variation or select your favorites.


Editing Colours

Not finding the right color? Create yours! Choose the perfect shade from 16 million colors by clicking on the icon “+”

Moving your finger on the color sliders, you’ll be able to create your perfect mix and save the color among the existing ones, ready to be applied to your effect.

Now you can name your new creation and save it into your Gallery!


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