How do I manage the Twinkly Music Mood via the App?

Description and use of Twinkly Music's Mood

Applies to Twinkly Generation II  devices  and Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller.


Moods are the brand new evolution of the Drivers idea, and introduce the Syncro Music feature within the context in which the dongle will be used: now you can literally choose the effects by the mood and the style of sound played.


To use Moods you need to update the firmware of the devices to 2.8.3 version and of the dongle to 2.0 version.


Every Mood is a series of effects that change automatically one after the other adapting to the surrounding sounds and music.

After the firmware update, it is possible to manage your Twinkly music from two different sections of the App:

  • On the devices page, you can turn on and off the dongle

  • On the control panel, instead, you can activate the music mode and you can choose the Mood you prefer

Mood Twinkly Music_Tap

Mood Description

Each Mood recreates a different set of effects on Twinkly LEDs according to what style of music you prefer to have as your soundtrack.


Each Mood is assigned a color, both on the app and on the dongle, and a musical style, following this scheme:

  • Dance (purple): Give an electronic rhythm to your light with a super stunning disco sound and pump up the jam!

  • Classic (blue): Recreates a traditional and relaxing setting with a classical but contemporary sound. Sit down and relax…

  • Ambient (light blue): Brings a quiet and dreamy atmosphere to your environment and enjoy every moment.

  • Fluo (green): Enjoy the vibrations of exciting, iridescent, and psychedelic shades&sounds and…let’s dance!

  • Chillout (yellow): Let's create an introspective setting, with slow, fine, and evocative sounds and beats. Be in the now.

  • Pop (red): Choose a timeless classic, joy, fun, and lightness. You'll love it! Who doesn't? Pop is for everyone!

Important notes:

  • The color of the individual Moods will be applied to the dongle's LED as it is played.

  • You can also change the Mood by simply pressing the button on the music dongle.

  • If in your Group one or more of your devices is Generation I, you won't be able to use the Moods (available only for Generation II devices), but you can use the Drivers as before.


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