How do I use Twinkly Music with Generation II devices?

Description of Twinkly Music moods and drivers and how to use them

Applies to Twinkly Generation II  devices  and Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller.

What are Twinkly Music moods?

With moods, you get to apply effects to your Twinkly lights based on the type of vibes you want to evoke and the style of the ambient sounds or music or you’re playing.

How do moods and drivers work?

Set up your Twinkly lights and the Twinkly Music dongle on the Twinkly App, making sure they’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can then manage Twinkly Music from two different areas of the app:

  • turn the dongle on and off from the Devices area

  • select moods and drivers from the Controls panel.

To customize your experience by choosing different moods and drivers, make sure to update your Twinkly Generation II device’s firmware to version 2.8.9, your Twinkly Music’s firmware to version 2.1.0, and the Twinkly App to the latest version.

Go to the Music section on your Controls panel to select and apply drivers located under the various moods. You can also choose moods by using the button on the dongle.

Description of various moods

Each mood creates different effects on your Twinkly lights based on the genre, type, and style of music you’re listening to.

Each mood is assigned a color both on the app and on the dongle, as well as a musical style. You’ll see that the color of each mood on the app is also displayed on the dongle’s LED while the mood plays:

  • Dance (purple): Gives an electronic rhythm to your lights

  • Classic (blue): Creates a sophisticated setting with effects that mimic classical scores

  • Ambient (light blue): Adds a dreamy atmosphere to your space

  • Fluo (green): Creates iridescent and psychedelic shades and effects

  • Chillout (yellow): Creates a relaxing setting with slow and evocative effects

  • Pop (red): Creates fun effects that make your lights groove to the beat.


  • Moods are only available for Generation II devices. You can apply drivers if you have a group of devices and one of them is a Generation I device.


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