How do I map Twinkly Squares?

Step-by-step guide to mapping Twinkly Squares panels

Applies to Twinkly Squares

It's required mapping the installation after setting it up on the App.


The Squares mapping procedure is based on the same technology and process as for other Twinkly devices, but it adds unique features so you can get the most out of your Squares panels.

Remember to redo the Mapping procedure each time you add one or more tiles to your installation.

When do I map Squares?

While for other Twinkly products you can skip this step and map your lights later on, you have to map Squares when you set them up:

  1. so the Twinkly App can identify the number of LEDs in your Squares layout

  2. to enable personalized effects via FX-Wizard

  3. to enable pixel art and GIFs to be uploaded.

Which mapping modes can I use for Squares?

You can choose between easy mapping or advanced mapping, depending on the shape of your Squares installation.

Read this article to learn more about mapping.

What is the pixel art Squares mapping feature?

Squares allows you to create and upload extraordinary pixel art and GIFs.

Keep in mind that if you create a group of Twinkly lights that includes other Twinkly RGB devices, the pixel art feature will be disabled.

How does the Squares mapping procedure work?

Below is the step-by-step procedure to map your Twinkly Squares:

  • Choose your preferred type of mapping (Easy or Advanced).

  • Start the mapping process.

  • Hold your phone or tablet steady, avoiding bright lights or reflections, and point it at the entire installation.

  • Once the process starts, some Squares pixels will flash red, green and blue.

  • Once mapping is complete, your LEDs will turn white.

  • If you’re happy with the results, select OK.

Now your Squares are ready for colors, animations, pixel art and GIFs.


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