How do I set a colour or an effect using the Controls panel?

Use the Controls panel to change the color of your lights or switch to one of the effects you last applied

Applies to Twinkly Generation II devices and Twinkly Plus.


The Twinkly App Controls panel gives you a quick overview of the main features of the app and allows you to quickly change the colors of your lights or apply one of your most recent effects.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open the Twinkly App

The app opens up automatically onto the Controls panel (bottom left-hand icon on the app menu).

Make sure you’re modifying the right device by checking the name of your lights at the top center of the screen (green dot = active; grey dot = inactive, meaning your lights aren’t connected to your phone’s network or are simply turned off).

If you want to select a different device, just tap on the Devices icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select the lights you want to modify.

2. Tap the Color or Effect tabs

To apply a solid color to your lights or change colors, pick any of the latest ones you’ve applied, or tap the “+” button to choose between millions of new colors. Exit the Controls panel or the app to apply your selected color.

Opzione color1

Opzione color

If you want to change effects, tap on the Effect tab and apply one of the latest effects you applied.

Opzione effect

3. Choose or create new effects

To choose new effects, tap on the Gallery icon on the app menu, where you can select, preview, and apply any preset, downloaded, or customized effects.

Or, get creative and design your own effects: tap on the magic wand icon on the app menu to open the FX Wizard.


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