How do I set up my Generation I Device?

Gen I first-time configuration procedure: how to pair your Gen I Twinkly device with the App

Applies to Twinkly Generation I devices 


Like a wizard needs his wand, yours will be the Twinkly app for tablets and smartphones!

Connect Twinkly to your local Wi-fi network..and here is where the real spell is cast! You will be able to access many new features such as integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and like a real magician, you will only have to ask, to light the sparkle!

If you're ready for a real smart experience, it’s time to wave your magic wand and configure your device!

Step by step configuration process

Just plug Twinkly Generation I into the socket to switch on.

The round button on the controller allows you to swipe through a gallery of pre-set effects, but to reach an even more magical, and truly smart experience, you need to download the Twinkly app for tablets and smartphones

This way, you will be able to connect Twinkly to your local Wi-fi network and access many new features such as integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the online effects gallery and much more.


To configure Twinkly for the first time, follow this step-by-step procedure.

Check if you have access to the mobile network and the local Wi-Fi network on your smartphone.

Make sure you have your local Wi-Fi network password at hand

Download the mobile app

The app is available on the AppStore and Google Play Store  o AppGallery (for  Huawey devices from Android 6 onwards)

Minimum requirements for using the Twinkly app are:

  • For iOS devices: iOS 13 or later.
  • For Android devices: Android 6 or later (Please note that the Android app is not compatible with Chromebook devices).

If you have already downloaded the Twinkly app, make sure you have the latest update! We regularly release new versions, to make your Twinkly experience, every day better!

Set up your lights and switch on your Twinkly

Place your Twinkly lights on your setting, as you prefer.

Plug your Twinkly and switch it on.

A green and blue light on the controller will come on. This tells you that the lights are working.

Wait for about 10 seconds to see a flashing green light. The controller is in AP (Access Point) mode and it’s ready to be connected to your smartphone.

Login or Signup

Launch the Twinkly App and create your user account:

  • By email: click on the “Sign Up” button, enter your data (Full Name, Email, Password), and click on the “Sign up” button.
    Confirm your registration by clicking on the link you will receive via email.
  • Via Facebook: Select the “Continue with Facebook” button to access Twinkly using Facebook credentials. You can manage all the data sent to Twinkly through the Facebook Access Management panel. 
  • Via Apple ID: Select the “Continue with Apple” button to access Twinkly via Apple.

If you already have Twinkly credentials (email and password), click on the “Log in” button to access the application.

Controller Selection

After logging in, the application will automatically launch a procedure to search for any Twinkly devices already registered. At the end of the procedure, the following screen will appear: select the controller Generation I controller.

Connect your Gen I Twinkly, using the direct internal WI-FI

Each Twinkly device can develop its Wi-Fi signal allowing you to control it directly from your smartphone.

A alert screen will inform you that you need to connect the phone to your Twinkly_XXX network.

Leave the Twinkly app and Check the Wi-Fi networks available on your smartphone.

Scroll down through the list and select the network emitted by your Twinkly device, showing as “Twinkly_XXXXXX”.


The connection may have been marked as “unsafe” and “without internet”, which is normal at this stage of the procedure. Discard the alert message eventually shown by your smartphone. Moreover, please consider that the Twinkly network doesn't have an Internet connection: if you're connected to this network you can manage your lights via the app, but you won't be able to surf the Internet.


Return to Twinkly App.

Congratulations! Twinkly is now connected to your smartphone!

The light on the controller is now green and steady: a direct connection is established.


If you choose “Use Twinkly Wi-Fi” rather than your home ones, you will connect directly to Twinkly. 

The application will work but you will not be able to have access to the internet or to the online gallery and other features for which internet access is required.


Connect your Gen I Twinkly to your local Wi-Fi network

When Twinkly is connected to the local Wi-Fi network you can access Twinkly Store, create Twinkly groups and control Twinkly remotely through devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Be sure to give the App permission to access your local network.
Here's how to do it:
iOS -> Settings menu -> select Twinkly App -> enable access to Bluetooth, Local network and Camera (Mapping)
Android ->Settings => Apps => All Apps or Manage Apps => Twinkly => Permission camera, location, files and media, microphone)

Settings => Apps =>  All Apps or Manage Apps => Twinkly => Mobile Data  (mobile data, wifi)

(On Android the procedure may slightly change depending on the smartphone/tablet model)


Clicking on “Connect to local Wi-Fi”, the application will search for available Wi-Fi networks around you.

Select from the list of available Wi-Fi networks the one you want to associate Twinkly with, like your local home network.

Type the password and click on: “Connect”.

(If your local network doesn't appear, refresh the list of available networks using the scroll-down menu)


If you skip this step now, you can access again to the Wi-fi list following this procedure:

Open the Twinkly app, access the Menu > Devices, and select your Twinkly.

Tap on the Network name and launch again the Wi-fi network discovery procedure.


Some products support physical add-on extensions so you can have more lights. If you are asked, state if you have extensions or not.

You can always change this setting later.

If you are installing a pre-lit tree you will be asked to select the correct number of LEDs available.


Congratulations! Twinkly is now connected to your local Wi-Fi network and is ready to give its best!


The light on the controller is now solid blue and tells you that Twinkly is associated with a local Wi-Fi network.

Click on “Start using the app” to proceed with your Twinkly configuration.

Click on “Add another device” to connect another Twinkly.


Follow the guided procedure to Map your lights for the first time.

Learn more about mapping here.


Rename your Twinkly

You can rename your Twinkly now. This way, if in the future you should add other devices, it will be a lot easier to identify them. 

Please consider that to Manage more than one Twinkly from the same smartphone you need to link them to a local Wi-Fi network.


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