How do I set up my Twinkly Line?

Step by Step procedure to perform the Twinkly Line physical setup.

Applies to Twinkly Line


The setup procedure of Twinkly Line is  illustrated step by step in the user guide that you will find inside the box.

It is important to follow a few simple steps to get a perfect result:


  1. Clean the surface where you want to place Line on, remove the double-adhesive liner, and stick Line into the surface.

  2. Connect Line to the controller connector.

  3. Use the provided adhesive cable clips to keep the lead cable steady and organized.

  4. Insert the plug into the power adapter and connect to a power source. The lights will switch on automatically.





Now your Line is ready to be set up on the app!

Please note that the Twinkly Line configuration procedure is the same as for the other Twinkly generation II devices and is explained step by step in this article.


Follow this tutorial and have fun!


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