In which cable-colors are Twinkly strings available?

Twinkly strings color availability information

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices.

What are the twinkly String colors?

The color of the String's wire changes depending on the country: generally, it is black in Europe and green in the USA.

Only the 250 LEDs RGBW strings are also available in a transparent cord version.

You can find them in many stores in Europe and UK.

To find shops that stock this model, look it up on the website: Product -> Strings -> Multicolor + White edition -> Wire color: clear -> Find in store)

In which colors are available the cables of other Twinkly products?

Curtain and Icicles are available with transparent cable in all countries.

Twinkly Dots, Line & Flex are available with both black and transparent cable.

Twinkly Cluster is black in Europe and green in the USA.

What is our suggestion as an alternative to a transparent String?

A good suggestion that might be useful is to use Twinkly DOTs or buy a Curtain or an Icicle and adapt it to your needs. 
It will still look great!


This is an example of a tree decorated with Twinkly DOTs:


albero strings color


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