What are Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus? (Twinkly PRO & Twinkly Plus)

Twinkly PRO and Plus presentation and features comparison between Twinkly, Twinkly Plus and Twinkly PRO.

Applies to Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus devices.


Twinkly PRO and Twinkly PLUS are not compatible with Twinkly Retail: you will not be able to create a group, nor use retails strings with PRO controllers.

Twinkly Pro controllers are not compatible with Twinkly Plus.

You can create multi-controller groups, but remember that you can only do this with controllers of the same model.


Twinkly PRO (Ethernet Controllers) and Twinkly Plus (wi-fi Controllers) are a line primarily dedicated to professional use and its technology has been developed to create big light installations.

It has been designed specifically for outdoor use, with a watertight case capable of resisting even the worst weather conditions.

The LEDs are bigger and stronger and Twinkly and the LEDs are more widely spaced from each other.

PRO technology has also been developed to create animated effects intended also for larger surfaces.


Below you find a comparison table, listing the characteristics of every Line.

Feature Twinkly PRO Twinkly Plus Twinkly
Multi-view Mapping
FX Wizard
Group multiple devices
Sync with music √ with PRO Music Player √ with Twinkly Music dongle √ with Twinkly Music dongle
Voice commads X ON/OFF - Brightness ON/OFF - Brightness
Import video √ via Web App X X
Drone Mapping X X
Third party integrations X X
Cloud console X X
Connectivity Ethernet Wi-fi 2.4 Ghz Wi-fi 2.4 Ghz
IP rating IP65 IP65 IP44/ IP20
Max LEDs per Controller Max 1500 PRO LEDs using 6 ports Max 500 PRO LEDs using Twinkly Plus Splitter Max 600 LEDs (connected by default)
Max LEDs support 60.000 Max 5.000 LEDs in a group of 10 devices Max 6.000 LEDs in a group of 10 devices
App availability iOS 11 or later iOS 11 or later iOS 11 or later / Android 6 or later
Cyber Security Encrypted internet comunication and restrincted user access Encrypted internet comunication and restrincted user access Encrypted internet comunication (only Gen II) and restrincted user access 



Important notes:

  • The Drone Mapping feature for Twinkly Pro,  at the moment it is not available yet, but it is in our roadmap!
  • For the moment Video Upload is available only for Ethernet PRO controllers via Web App
  • Twinkly PLUS is a  WI-FI controller, that doesn't have an ethernet connection, therefore can be used only with the mobile Twinkly App, like a traditional Twinkly. 
    It has been thought of for simple and smaller professional installations, using Twinkly  LEDs technology, without needing a major network structure.
  • Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus are IP65 certified. It can be used outdoors, exposed to weathering like rain and snowfall. 


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