What’s Twinkly PRO 1500ETH? (Twinkly PRO)

The Twinkly PRO Controller 1500 Eth unboxing and onboarding

Applies to Twinkly PRO Controller 1500 Ethernet



The Twinkly Pro Controller 1500 Eth package contains the following items:

  • AC/DC Power Adapter 
  • Ethernet Controller 
  • Plug
  • Ethernet Cable Extender

TWPRO1500ETHP - Top CompUnincluded recommended setup items 

  1. Twinkly Pro Light Strings (up to 6 per controller)

  2. Internet Router

  3. CAT5 Ethernet Cable (needed in case the controller's  ethernet cable can't reach the router only )


The onboarding procedure is explained in this very useful video tutorial:

HubSpot Video


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