What’s the Twinkly PRO Music Player? (Twinkly PRO)

Twinkly PRO Music Player: what it is used for and how to use it.

Applies to all devices compatible with Twinkly PRO Music Player:
Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller, Twinkly PRO SPI Controller and Twinkly Pro Controller 1500 Eth


Music Player is designed to extend the experience of creating amazing and super cool effects.

Inspired by music videos and dedicated especially to very large installations, Music Player can be connected to a speaker and reproduces the sound by matching it to your light effects. 

Thanks to the Music player, and the WebApp you will be able to upload animations and videos, even downloaded from YT, and reproduce them on your Twinkly PRO devices!

Useful tips:
To reproduce the audio of the videos connect some speakers to your installation



Important notes:

With Twinkly PRO Music player, lights won't move to the rhythm of the sound as with Twinkly Music, it's used to reproduce sounds while your lights are playing effects, or to reproduce the audio of a video you uploaded on the web app so that your Twinkly PRO lights work like a television screen.


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