What's Twinkly PRO Power Line and SPI Controller (Ethernet)?

The Twinkly Pro Power Line and SPI Controller Ethernet unboxing and onboarding

Applies to Twinkly PRO Power Line Controller and Twinkly PRO SPI Controller (Ethernet)



The Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller package contains the following items:

  • Ethernet Power Line Controller (includes power adapter)
  • Plug
  • Ethernet Cable Extender

Unincluded recommended setup items 

  • Twinkly Pro Light Strings (PLC for Twinkly PRO Power Line controller and SPI controller )

  • Internet Router

  • CAT5e/6 Ethernet Cable (only needed in case the controller's ethernet cable can't reach the router)

What are the differences between Power Line controllers and SPI controllers?

There are no differences between these two models, except that PLC Controllers can be used only with PLC LEDs and SPI Controllers only with SPI LEDs.


The onboarding procedure is explained  step by step in this helpful tutorial:


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