What’s the Twinkly PRO Web App? (Twinkly PRO Ethernet)

Introduction to the WebApp (or Cloud) tool for Twinkly PRO.

Applies only to all Twinkly PRO Ethernet devices.

[this feature is not available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi , Plus and Twinkly retail]


Twinkly Web App, is the Cloud Console dedicated to PRO Ethernet controllers, that allows you to operate your devices also remotely, using a computer.

You can log in to the webapp with the credentials associated with your Twinkly account (on which you have setup at least 1 Twinkly PRO device).


Following a brief scheme explaining the use of the web app with the different kinds of PRO controllers:

PRO Ethernet 1500 controller, PRO Power Line controller and SPI Ethernet Controller

All the features ( see next articles) are available for use.

PRO Ethernet 1000 controller

You can:

  • Set ON/OFF

  • Select an effect previously installed with the mobile app.
    That means you cannot save effects remotely, this feature is only for TWPRO1500ETHP

  • Schedule events

If you have a Pro Ethernet Controller Box and 1000 Pro controller, our suggestion is to save the effects to your device via the mobile app and then apply them using the web app!

Pro Ethernet Controller Box

You can access all features with the exception of the following:

  • Playlist

  • Color management

  • Remote installation and deletion of content

  • Remote updates


Thanks to the Import tool, you can upload jpg, png, tiff, and gif with no limitation to file weight.

You can also upload videos in the following formats, mp4, AVI, flv, mov, and MPEG,  with a max File weight of 100 Mb

Important notes:

  • The resolution of the image/video should always be the number of lamps of your installation, for example in a case with 1000 lamps in width and 250 in length, the image/video should be 1000x250 pixels. This is to ensure the highest fidelity between what you see on the screen and what you’ll see on your installation.
  • When designing custom effects, it is highly advised to work on the layout of the installation, with a ratio of b:h (base: height) for best results. This is to avoid stretching and/or cropping your content.


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