What’s the Web App Gallery? (Twinkly PRO Ethernet)

Description of Web app's section "Gallery"

Applies only to all Twinkly PRO Ethernet devices.

[this feature is not available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi, Plus and Twinkly retail]


The third voice of the side menu is Gallery, the main repository of all the effects and animations.

It contains a submenu that allows you to access the collection, called All Effects.

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To upload a new effect, follow this procedure:
  • Select the Upload button.

  • Insert the name you want to give to the uploading effect

  • Press the Browse button, search for the file you wish to upload and open it

  • Finally press Save

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Once it’s saved, it will be listed with a preview directly under the Custom label.

In order to install it on your devices select it, then press Install, select the object/installation you want to play it on, and press the Install button.

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 4 (1)
The system will alert you with a pop-up, telling you the installation is started.
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