What are Twinkly Squares?

A brief description of Twinkly Squares and their features

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Twinkly Squares are smart LED panels for the connected home and were designed to create stunning lighting installations. Each panel of this revolutionary product features 64 RGB LEDs, offering stunning colors and the possibility to create accurate and detailed pixel wall art.

The Squares product group includes a master tile, which is in the initial starter kit, and the extension panels that are connected physically to the master tile and can be arranged in virtually endless patterns. Squares can be used individually (master alone) or as a group of tiles (master + extension tiles).

Below is a description of the various Squares products, their main features, and their product codes. Also, read this article for information on assembling Squares.


Master tile + 5 extension tiles kit


TWQ064STW-07-BEU 8056326679071
TWQ064STW-07-BUK 8056326679088
TWQ064STW-07-BUS 8056326679095
TWQ064STW-07-BAU 8056326679101


5+1 pack

The kit includes:

  • power supply 20V 3A 65W (certified 60W) power delivery

  • single + double assembly clips

  • cables

  • USB-C power cable


3 extension tiles kit


TWQ064STW-03-BAD 8056326679064




These 3 extension tiles only work when connected to a master tile and were designed to be part of larger lighting installations. Power supply not included.

The kit includes:

  • single + double assembly clips

  • cables


1 Master Tile


TWQ064STW-01-BUSB 8056326679118




A single Master tile that you can connect to up to 15 extension tiles.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Master Squares  
  • USB-C connection cable

  • Squares connection cable
  • 3 large clips
  • 5 small clips


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