What is shop mode and how do I activate/deactivate it?

Brief guide on shop mode features

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices and Twinkly Plus

What is shop mode?

Shop mode was created to display Twinkly products in stores and has special settings that allow default effects to be played in a loop, as if Carousel mode were on, to show store visitors how Twinkly works.

How do I turn on shop mode?

Hold down the button on the controller of your Twinkly device for at least 15 seconds until the light on the controller turns yellow. Once you release the button, the LED on the controller will start flashing all colors..

How can I turn off shop mode?

To disable shop mode , you have to hold down the button on the controller until it turns yellow and steady.

(this may take 15 seconds or more)

To do it correctly, you just need to follow these steps:

  • wait for the led on the controller to flash blue, red, green, and yellow

  • Press the button until the steady yellow led appears, and only then remove your finger


Please note that shop mode is not available for Squares kits.


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