What is Twinkly?

Brief introduction to Twinkly and its main features.


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


Twinkly is the new generation of smart LED lights controllable via smartphone or tablet.

Using the App, you can access your Twinkly Account and connect your Twinkly device to your Wi-Fi network, to the Twinkly direct network, or to the mobile data of your smartphone and tablet, and manage your lights customizing them as you like.

Twinkly technology is designed to give you, in a simple and fast way, the chance to create any kind of installation, from Christmas decorations to the perfect Gaming Room but also to magical and interactive Parties, and any other lights set to illuminate and color indoor and outdoor environments.

Thanks to the innovative mapping process, using the App you can scan your installation to identify the positioning of each individual LED in the space: this will allow the effects to adapt to the layout you want.

The Twinkly Family of products is rich in variety: Strings, Curtain, Icicle, Festoon, and the brand new Home Range and Twinkly DOTs conceived to step up our LED lights to the most customizable and technologically advanced home decor.


Each device can become part of a single large decoration, thanks to the Grouping feature, which will make them work in sync with each other.

Twinkly lights can be synchronized with Music, through the App and the Twinkly Music dongle and also managed via voice controls from Google HomeAmazon Alexa, and Apple Home Kit.

In addition, thanks to the Control Remotely App feature, you will be able to play with your lights also if you are far from them!

Moreover, you can also integrate Twinkly into your Razer Chroma RGB Lighting System and much more.


Twinkly should not be intended as a seasonal product but as a wide range of design and home decor items. 

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Welcome and enjoy your Twinkly!



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