What is Twinkly DOTs?

Introduction to the new Twinkly DOTs devices.

Applies to Twinkly DOTs devices


Twinkly Dots is a versatile product that let you bring the Twinkly spirit into your house all year round, thanks to its miniaturized design, in fact, gives it a nearly-invisible look that allows you to adapt it to every decorative need.

Twinkly DOTs can be used as Christmas lights around your tree and, when Christmas is over, the adhesive pads will let you adapt them to any surface in your house.


Twinkly DOTs is available in three different versions with 60, 200 and 400 LEDs.

All three different lengths are available with black or transparent cable to satisfy every taste.


What makes it different from all other Twinkly brand products is that the 60 LEDs version of Twinkly DOTs is the first product that can be powered via USB.

Instead of using the traditional power supply, just connect it to a USB port or energy source, such as a power bank and you can enjoy it everywhere!


Moreover, Twinkly DOTs have the same revolutionary feature as our other Generation II products, allowing you to map your creationsgroup them with other devices with the same LEDs profile, and create a full light show with your house decor!


Keep in mind that  to use DOTs in all its features it is necessary to update the App to the latest version available (iOS from version 3.3.5 and Android from version 3.3.9).


Like Strings, Icicle, Curtain and Festoon also DOTs (200 and 400 LEDs) is IP44 certified and can be used both indoors and outdoor, just take care to protect the plug and the controller from atmospheric agents. (learn more here)


Please note that Twinkly Dots - 60 RGB is IP 20 certified, so unlike the other models, it can only be used for your indoor installations.


As for all the other Twinkly products, DOTS is integrated with SmartHome assistants ( Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, Homey) and effects can be totally personalised using the FX Wizard.




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