What’s the controller, and what does it do?

Twinkly Controller's Brief description: what it is and what it is used for.

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices (even if the shape and the features of the two controllers change)


The Controller is an essential part of every Twinkly product. It’s the control box you can find between the plug and the lights and it manages the lights.

Inside the Controller is the Twinkly technology, which allows the connection to your Wi-fi network and develops the Twinkly network.


On the Controller there are two LEDs that will help you understand the status of your connection and the round button to reset and turn Twinkly back to factory conditions.

The shape of the controllers changes between Generation I and Generation II:

  • Generation I 

controller Generation I-1

  • Generation II:

Controller Generation II-2

In addition, the Generation II controller is equipped with Bluetooth technology, with which you can pair Twinkly with your device in seconds.


Please note that in order to avoid overheating, we recommend not placing the controller under heat-retaining materials such as textiles (carpets, tree skirts, etc.).

The Prelit by Polygroup controller have a different shape from the other Twinkly products: it’s a bigger, rectangular box, but the technology inside is the same.


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