What's the difference between Join, Sync, and Area groups?

Learn more about the main differences between the three ways in which you can create a group: Sync, Join and Area.


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


When you create a group of multiple Twinkly devices, the app gives you a choice of three different options, any of which may be the most suitable for your installation.

Join group

Join” is the perfect choice if you want the effect in your scenario, to follow the flow in sequence.

If you have a large decoration and a single string is not enough to light it all up, you can group two or more devices together.
Thanks to this feature the effects will be applied in sequence, one device after another, creating the sensation yo’re using a single, larger one.

Join group can be considered a true extension of your Twinkly.

All LEDs will behave as a part of a single device even though they are not physically connected to each other.

Sync group

The "Sync" group is the perfect solution if you want all your devices to be able to behave the same way simultaneously.
SYNC groups allow the same effect to be applied to two or more strings simultaneously. (e.g. two strings of 250 LEDs positioned on two columns of a porch).
The applied effects will be synchronised and visually identical even if the two strings are arranged differently.

In this case it is important to remember that you must map the devices individually before creating the group.

Area group

The "Area" mode is the best option if you need to create a very large scenerios.

It has been improved with new features that allow you to better adapt the group to your needs.

When creating the group, the app will ask you to choose from 4 different options:

  • Area Editor:

this is one of the most advanced features you can use to customise your group because you can set your devices on the layout exactly as they are positioned in real space.
You can also set the zoom, size and rotation of your layout.

  • Camera Mapping:

By using only the 2D mapping feature, you can map your installation directly when creating the group.

  • Vertical:

It will allow you to select individual devices from the highest (IE: Top of the Tree) to the lowest (Base of the Tree).

  • Horizontal:

It will allow you to select individual devices from right to left (E: in case where your Twinkly installation develops in width)


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