What’s the Twinkly PRO Connection HUB? (Twinkly PRO)

Descriptions of Twinkly PRO Connection HUB (Switch)


Applies to Twinkly Pro Power Line controller and Twinkly PRO SPI Controller 


Twinkly Pro Connection Hub is a network switch for external use designed to connect multiple Ethernet controllers.

Power to the switch is supplied by one of the connected Ethernet Controllers via the POE IN ethernet port (disabled by default).

The switch allows you to connect multiple controllers, taking power from the central one using the PoE in, and connecting the other controllers you want to link, using the ethernet cables (not PoE) on the other side of the controllers (6 total).


The PoE out is used to connect an eventual router to give them power, both 4g Router or Mini Wi-Fi router.


Important notes:

Twinkly Pro Connection HUB is available only for Twinkly Pro Power Line controller (previous years' models are not compatible with this accessory)


This video tutorial explains how it works:

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