How do I physically set up my Twinkly Squares?

Guide to setting up your Squares panels

Applies to Twinkly Squares


Squares are ultra modular: you can physically connect up to 16 panels (a master panel and up to 15 extension panels), and for even larger Squares creations you can group multiple installations together.

In this article we’ll explain how to set up Squares step by step.

1. What will I find in my box of Squares?

This will depend on which Squares product you buy (check out What’s Twinkly Squares for more information). If you decide to create a Squares installation consisting of several panels, these are the items you’ll find in the Starter Pack box and that you’ll need for the assembly process:

  • 1 master Squares panel

  • 5 extension Squares panels

  • power adapter

  • USB-C cable

  • connection cables

  • double clamps

  • single clamps



2. Where do I begin to set up Squares?

Start with the master panel when setting up your layout, then connect each extension panel.

Squares 2

3. What are the suggested Squares layouts?

For the best results, we recommend connecting Squares in the following layouts:

Squares 3

Please keep in mind that if the panels are not adjacent to each other, at least by one pixel, the Pixel Art feature will not be available


4. How do I connect the cables to assemble the panels together?

Use the connection cables provided to link your Squares panels to each other. Start with the master panel and use the ports you prefer.

To make sure you connect your panels properly, follow the instructions in the image below:

image (3)

image (4)


5. How do I ensure my panels are assembled safely?

Use double and single clamps to connect your panels to one another as this will improve their stability.


safely 2

6. How do I power up my Squares installation?

Once you’ve connected all your panels, plug in the power cable and plug it into a power socket. Check that all your panels are lit up.


Now that your Squares installation is complete, you can configure it on the Twinkly App.

Follow these instructions for the onboarding process!


Important note:

  • After mapping your Squares installation, if you add more panels, you will have to re-map it  otherwise the newly added ones will not turn on.
  • You can use one or more ports from the master, it does not matter how many, however it's important to respect the maximum per port and per master of 15 slaves


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