How do I map my Twinkly device? (Twinkly PRO & Twinkly Plus)

Step by step procedure to perform the mapping process.

Applies to all Gen I and Gen II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.

3D Front & Back and 2D Stitching are available only for Twinkly PRO and Plus devices.


Life’s in 3D. So should be your creations.

We want your effects to be wonderful and ready to surprise you day after day.

Our latest patent for advanced 3D reconstruction allows you to map your layout from multiple different angles till it reaches the point of perfection with an amazing 3D layout as a result!

Now have fun painting your effects directly on your real-life canvas, LED by LED you will be able to add your brushstrokes to your masterpiece!

We gave you the recipe, the only ingredient to add is your fantasy!


Thanks to the mapping feature, there are no products that are suitable for certain surfaces. Twinkly is a smart and versatile device that can adapt to any shape, any place. The same product will be perfect on several different occasions!

Start-up and Selection of the type of mapping

Access the Layout menu and accept the permission required by the application to access your smartphone’s camera. 

Choose the type of mapping you want to do.

Some options may  depend on the device you are using  and  on the status of your device (online/offline)

Schermata doppia


The Flip feature allows you to reflect your layout as in a mirror

Easy Mapping

This kind of mapping is recommended for installations where the lights are mostly on a single surface.

The algorithm will automatically identify the position of the LEDs located on the sides and back of the holder, estimating their position.

Start the process by clicking on “Mapping” and select “Easy Mapping”: the LEDs will start flashing quickly and the magic begins!

The mapping ends when the LEDs are on a fixed color. It’s possible to save or repeat the operation.

In case of poor results, a pop-up will indicate the “Poor results” condition and it’s possible to repeat the operation.

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Advanced Mapping 

This mapping mode is more advanced because it allows you to make a larger number of scans, resulting in an even more accurate layout.
Choose from 3 options:

  • 3D multiview

This innovative method of mapping LEDs allows you to scan the different sections of your installation an unlimited number of times, for a perfect, 360 ° rendering.

During the mapping process the LEDs will appear in 4 different colors, based on their status:

  • RED: they don’t still have space coordinates.
  • ORANGE: the LEDs are recognized for the first time by the camera (XY coordinates)
  • YELLOW: the LEDs are recognized for the second time by the camera.
  • GREEN: the LEDs are completely recognized and in a three-dimensional way (depth coordinates)

When all the LEDs are green, it means that the entire installation has been properly mapped.

Congrats! Your lights have been mapped and the app will show you your actual Layout.

You can choose to keep it or try again!

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  • 3D Front & Back

Choosing this option, you can make two scans of your installation: one at the front and one at the back (suitable, for example, for a column or a Christmas tree).   

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  • 2D Stitching

This mode allows you to make more recordings of a large installation in 2D.                           

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Starting from version 3.1 of the iOS app, it's available only for Twinkly PRO the OpenLoop feature that allows the mapping process even if the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi.
It is automatically enabled and requires at least 6000 active LEDs
It also requires that the strings are connected to a router with Internet access.


If you wish to redo the mapping procedure and get a new layout, simply click on "Restore".

There are some useful tricks to get the best results from the Mapping procedure.
Read this article to learn more.


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