What’s the 4G ROUTER? (Twinkly PRO)

Description and Use of 4G Router

Applies to all devices compatible with Twinkly 4G Router:
Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller, Twinkly PRO SPI Controller and Twinkly Pro Controller 1500 Eth


4G router is the evolution of the Micro Wi-Fi and has the same use, but some important integrations.

Here are its characteristics and the differences with the Micro Wi-FI

  • the 4G router is physically larger (it has the same structure as the controller) and has two cables: an ethernet connection cable and a PoE cable.
  • There is the possibility of inserting a SIM card (nano-sim) inside, which will allow the 4G router to develop its own Internet network.
  • Finally, using the Ethernet connection Cable, the 4G router can be connected to the router via LAN to access the internet connection in this way as well.


Useful tips:

  • Pay attention, not to connect the wrong Ethernet cable (check the name of the port directly on it, the PoE port is only for power supply use, so if you connect this cable to your modem, it’s possible that you will ruin it!
  • Be always sure, to connect to it, only the upper ethernet cable, the one for connection purposes.
  • You will always have the possibility to use the Micro WI-FI,  in Access Point mode or as a wi-fi extender.


This video tutorial explains how it works:


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