What’s the Twinkly PRO WI-FI Bridge? (Twinkly PRO)

Descriptions of the PRO Wi-Fi Bridge, or Micro Wi-fi: what it is used for and how to use it.

Applies to all devices compatible with Twinkly PRO Wi-fi Bridge:
Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller, Twinkly PRO SPI Controller and Twinkly Pro Controller 1500 Eth


Twinkly Mini Wi-Fi router allows you to create a network for your installation, without connecting it physically to a modem or router.

It is powered with an ethernet cable by the controller (POE) therefore, it doesn't need an additional power supply.

It has two main functions:

Access Point mode (AP mode)

Using this mode, you won’t need to connect your devices to your modem: just plug your Mini Wi-Fi router, using the ethernet cable (POE), as mentioned before, you won’t need a power supply, the source will be directly your controller; this way the router will generate an independent WI-Fi network that allows your devices to communicate among each other, without needing an internet connection.
(with the same limitation that you have when you use the direct connection to the Twinkly network)

Device Mode

Use this mode when you need the devices to communicate in your installation, so that you don’t have to connect them to your modem, taking an ethernet cable to the setting.

This allows your Twinkly mini WI-FI to work as a bridge, connecting different networks, your own local WI-Fi, and the Twinkly Access Point, using the same protocol of your local Wi-Fi, so that you can have an internet connection without physically linking the installation to your router.


TWP-uWiFi - Top

Key Features

  • unlike traditional routers, it is IP65 certified
  • can be powered by the controller, so you don't need an additional socket 
  • by default has no internet but can work as a bridge and connect to the home router
  • can be connected to multiple controllers if you connect it via Connection HUB


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