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Why is a Twinkly account required to use the App?

Reasons why you need a Twinkly Account

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


What is a Twinkly account?

The Twinkly account is the digital profile that allows you to access the Twinkly App, to configure, customise and manage your lights.

You can create it using an email address, via your Facebook profile, or through your Apple ID if you are an iOS user.

All the personal data are subject to our Privacy Policies (see the complete Privacy Policy document here).

What a Twinkly account is needed for?

Creating a Twinkly Account is necessary to log in to your Twinkly App, and to associate your users with your devices.

Within the app, you can configure your devices, map and group them together, download new effects from the store, edit or create your own, and also add them to your favorite voice assistants, Google AssistantAmazon Alexa, and Apple Home Kit.

Having a Twinkly account also allows to be an owner of an installation and/or share it with other users, using the "invite new member" feature, and assigning them a role with several options each.

Please read this article to learn more about Installations, Objects and Roles.

What info can you get from your Twinkly account?

The Twinkly Account collects different kinds of information about your profile and your devices.

  • Personal information

  • Information about your Twinkly such as Mac ID, Firmware version, Model, and Active LEDs. 

  • Personal layouts: the result of your mapping procedure

  • Playlist

  • Timer

  • Brightness level

  • TAB Colour selection

  • Groups created

If you log in with your Twinkly Account credentials on another smartphone or tablet, the information listed above will still be available.

The following data instead are stored on your Smartphone and will not be transferred to other devices, even if you use the same account:

  • Personal effects: the effects you create on your Twinkly app 

  • Effects downloaded from the Store

  • Layout History ( iOS only ): the last 3 layouts you have created by mapping.

What happens if you log out of your Twinkly account?

As you embark on your creative journey within our app, it's essential to understand how logging out affects your artistic endeavors. Let's delve into the intricacies of what happens when you log out of your Twinkly App

  • .Custom effects created in Drawing mode: upon loggin out, these effects will be lost.

  • Edited effects from those in Gallery and effects created by the Wizard from a pattern: after logging out, these effects remain stored on the App and you will find them the next time you log in

In addition, regarding the Layout History feature, below are further details:

  • log out of the App-> keep layouts

  • delete App-> lose all layouts

  • device deletion from the app -> keep layouts

  • change of account using the same phone -> keep layouts

  • change smartphone or tablet -> lose all layouts

History is always locally stored within the app on the phone.


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