Can I extend Twinkly Matrix?

How to extend my Twinkly Matrix both physically and virtually

Applies to Twinkly Matrix


To physically join several Twinkly Matrixes together to create an even bigger light show, just hook the lightweight bars together at both ends of the curtain:


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Moreover, if you like the idea of extending your display and creating an even larger setup, why not use the App's grouping feature, creating a virtual group between two or more Twinkly Matrixes or between Matrix and other Twinkly devices with an RGB or RGB+W LED profile to illuminate areas with multiple light sets  that are seamlessly linked together.

To group several Twinkly Matrix devices with each other, or Matrix with Curtain, Icicle, Matrix or Lightwall, you can create Join, Sync and Area groups, while to group Matrix with all other Twinkly devices you can only create groups in Sync or Area mode.

Here you will find all the information about the Grouping function.


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