Can I physically extend my Twinkly lights?

This article is a brief guide on extending Twinkly products

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Twinkly  Generation II devices


While in the past, some Generation I Twinkly products could be physically extended by adding additional strings of lights, now you can create extended effects using two or more devices by creating a Sync, Join or Area group on your Twinkly app.

Each Twinkly device must also be connected to a power outlet through its own power adapter (or using an extension cord). 


Until 2020, Festoon could be extended with an additional 20-bulb string. Twinkly now offers a 40-bulb version of Festoon which has a central cord and branches out into two 20-bulb strings.

Currently, the only Twinkly product that can be physically extended is Line. Just keep in mind that you can only connect a maximum of two Line devices. 


Although we don’t currently sell special extension cords for Twinkly products, you can use a standard extension cord if you need more cord length or need to reach inaccessible spots in your space.


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