How do I create my Effects Playlist? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Create and enable your playlist of effects to have your Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus playing with different animations.


Applies only to Gen II devices, Twinkly PRO (except for Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box (1000 LEDsx4port) and Twinkly Plus.


If you want to run multiple effects on your Twinkly lights, but you prefer to choose them instead of having a default selection like in the Carousel, you can now create a Playlist, by choosing the effects from the gallery, both labels All and Favorites.

Playlist, opposite to Carousel, can be used also on groups and it’s not available  for Gen I devices.

Using the Playlist feature, you can make a compilation of effects that will play on your installation to create a fully customised lighting show.


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