How do I create my effects using the FX Wizard? (Twinkly PRO & Twinkly Plus)

Features and operation, of the Fx Wizard editor

Applies to Gen I e II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.

[Not  available for RBW LED profiles.]


FX-Wizard is a fresh new feature developed to put the power of creation in your hands.

Create highly advanced effects from scratch, with just a few taps. From multi-layered effects to a variety of patterns and blending options, YOU run the show.

Take some time to explore, play and get to know all the cool features in FX-Wizard, it will help you get confident with all the tools at your disposal!

You should feel free to create and unleash your creativity and imagination in the best Twinkly experience ever!


Here is a brief overview which you can explore in more detail in the various articles.


The new FX-Wizard allows you to customise your personal effects  by choosing between creating them using pre-set patterns ( you can also layer patterns on each other to create an even more personalised effect  throught the blend option) or drawing them directly with your fingers.


You can also adjust your effects in preview mode, and  choose between different fade modes to get just the result you are looking!

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