How do i correctly and safely store my Twinkly devices?

How to safely store Twinkly products

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices

Can I use Twinkly outdoors?

The retail product family includes both items dedicated to home decoration (Home Range, Prelit, Candies) that have an IP20 protection rating and items intended for outdoor use (Strings, Icicles, Curtain, Festoon, etc. - see article -) with an IP44.

If you own an IP44 product, make sure to place power supplies and controllers in a weatherproof location and avoid submerging them in water (e.g. pools, gutters, puddles). ​
If you're using them outdoors, we suggest using a waterproof box.
Furthermore, if you are using an extender or power strip outside, make sure they are suitable for outdoor use.

How to care for your Twinkly products at home?

Always be sure that your device, especially the controller, is not covered or resting on something that could make it difficult to disperse heat: for example a carpet or a rug.

Avoid placing your device near heat sources.

Can I customize/modify my Twinkly?

Please note that it is highly discouraged to 'cut' or manipulate Twinkly products e.g. Line, Flex or classic Strings.

Any changes or replacements made to original parts not only will invalidate the manufacturer warranty, but can be dangerous.


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