How do I set up my Twinkly DOTs device?

Step by Step procedure to perform the Twinkly DOTs virtual setup

Applies to Twinkly DOTs


Twinkly  Dots doesn't need assembly : like Strings, Curtain, Icicle and Festoon, the device is ready to use!

Simply plug it in and follow the onboarding procedure.

Twinkly Dots can be easily set up as any Generation II device with your smartphone.

Here you can find the step by step userguide.


To better fix the strip to vertical surfaces, a tapes kit is included in the box.

You will find one sticker for every 4 LEDs-this should be the right amount for a perfect assembly!


Important notes:

  • Keep in mind that the Twinkly DOTs 60 RGB LEDs version has a USB port instead of the traditional power supply. So you can easily connect it to any power source, such as a common power bank, but also your computer or anything else has a USB port.
  • The strip ends with a closure that can be mistaken for an unlit LED: don't worry, everything works great, it's just a weatherproof closing cap.

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