How do I set up my Twinkly Music?

Step by Step procedure to configure Twinkly Music for the first time.

Applies to Twinkly Music and to all  the compatible devices:
Generation I and II devices, including Home Range Devices (Line, Flex), and Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller .
It isn’t available for TW2016 Strings (2016/17 Edition) and  PRO Ethernet controllers.


It is a revolutionary technology ready to give colour and shape to any sound.

Twinkly Music's cutting-edge algorithms decode any sound source in real-time, whether it's classic Christmas carols or ultimate techno music, to identify relevant musical elements and make the effects come alive in a combined audio-visual experience.

Setup process

Equipped with a highly sensitive digital microphone and a powerful multi-core DSP, the Twinkly Music Dongle analyses any type of music and literally gives shape to the sound.

First time use step-by-step

  1. Plug your Twinkly device

    The lights should come with a rainbow effect, nothing too flashy.

  2. Find a USB plug adapter or an old iPhone or Android charging block and connect the USB Twinkly Music Dongle

  3. Plug it into an outlet in the same room where you have the lights and play your favorite music.

    You will see a blue light on the Dongle that will start flashing

    Once it is a steady blue light with a faint white flash, you’re ready

  4. Now turn up the volume

  5. The dongle has a button that activates the magic of Twinkly Music. Simply push the button to switch between different Moods. The button is just below the blue light on the Twinkly Music Dongle

  6. You should see the lights reacting to the ambient sound. Twinkly Music is listening and analysing these sounds to give you a visual representation of the frequencies around you.

  7. Find your favourite effect and try a few different songs.  Each song’s pitch, volume, tone, rhythm and instruments will give a different look to the lights. 

Now that you know the power of Twinkly Music, we recommend you take the next step, the FULL Twinkly experience.

To do so, you will need the latest version of the Twinkly app on your mobile phone and a local Wi-Fi connection (it requires a network name and password) with Internet access.

Now, you can configure Twinkly Music to work with the light set on your local WiFi network.

Open the app, go to DEVICES

  • Select “+” to add a new device

  • Choose Twinkly Music from the list

  • Follow the instructions, press and hold the controller’s button until the light is light blue

  • In the app, select the local Wi-Fi name and enter the password

  • If your local network does not appear, refresh the list of available networks using the rescan button (iOS only)

  • Go on until the app will recognize the Twinkly Music device

  • Go back to the Drivers (for Generation I devices) and to Mood (for Generation II devices)

Congratulations! The configuration is now complete!

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you will find your device within the default installation called Sweet Home, or within the installation you're in when starting the add device process.
Please read this articles to learn more about Installations, Objects and Roles.

You will see both Twinkly Light Set and Twinkly Music status LED blue with a faint white flash.

This means that the Twinkly devices are online and ready to work together.

Now, turn up the music.

You can simply push the Twinkly Music button to switch between the different effects: you will see how fun it can be playing with your effects, synchronising them to the music and watching the lines and shapes move to the rhythm.

Find your favourite effect and try it out on a few different songs. Each song’s pitch, volume, tone, rhythm and instruments will give a different look to the lights.

Keep in mind that it's not technically possible for two or more Twinkly Music works connected to the same Wi-Fi network, however you can have one for each Istallation, but just use one at a time ( the others must be disconnected from the power)


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