How di I customize effects in my Playlist?

Step by step procedure for creating effects in your Playlist.

Applies to Twinkly Generation II devices., Twinkly PRO (except for Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box (1000 LEDsx4port) and Twinkly Plus devices.


The App also allows you to customise certain functions of your Playlist to make it just right for you!

  • By tapping the Edit button on your Playlist page, you’ll be able, not only to add effects but also to modify the sequence and customize their duration.
  • To move the effects, choosing the order you wish them to be played, you just need to hold still the 3-lined-symbol on the right side of the effect’s name, and move it upside down to change its position.
  • To customize the duration instead, you have to tap on the timer button on the left of the moving function and select the timeframe you prefer.
  • Once you’re done, just tap on the Apply button, and the app will save the Playlist in some seconds. 
Edit the playlist_Tap

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