In which cable-colours are Twinkly strings available?

Twinkly strings color availability information

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices.


The colour of the String's wire changes depending on the model and country: generally it is black in Europe and green in the USA.

Curtain and Icicle, instead, are also available with transparent cable in all countries. while Icicles and Curtains are almost always white or transparent.

The brand new Twinkly Dots are available everywhere with both black and transparent cable.

The 250 LEDs RGBW string also exists in a transparent cord version.

You can find them in many stores in the rest of Europe, UK and Russia.

For example Festive Lights in the UK (but they ship worldwide), HORNBACH in Germany, INTRATUIN in the Netherlands.

So we suggest you keep an eye on the Where to Buy section of our website and contact us if you need help with your search.

Another good suggestion that might be useful is to buy a Curtain or an Icicle and adapt it to your needs  It will look great anyway!


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