How can I recover my Twinkly account’s password? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Procedure to retrieve your Twinkly Account's password

Applies to all the devices associated with your Twinkly Account.


How do I recover my Twinkly account password?

You can recover or change your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” section on the Login screen.

Enter the email address associated with your Twinkly account and click OK: you will receive an email with instructions on how to recover your password!

How do I change the password for my Twinkly account?

The feature allowing you to change your access password is not currently available, so if you want to change it, just follow the recovery procedure described in this article.

How does it work if I log in via Facebook profile or Apple ID?

If your account is associated with your Apple ID or Facebook account, you won't need to follow the password recovery process, because the log-in is automatic, with no entry request, owhever,  both features only work if your phone or tablet is properly associated with an Apple or Facebook account.

If you do not remember your Apple or Facebook account password, you can recover it directly through the iPhone settings (for Apple ID) or Facebook App.

How can I change the mailbox associated with my account?

If you need to associate your Twinkly account with a different mailbox, we suggest you delete it and create a new one, linking it to the new email.
It is technically not possible to migrate the account from one mailbox to another. (To delete a Twinkly account, follow these steps)


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