Step by step procedure to create an Area group

Learn more about the setup to create a Twinkly devices Area group.


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.

Groups can be created only for the same LED profile ( RGB with RGB, RGB-W with RGB-W, and AWW (or gold edition) with AWW.

You can create a group between Home Range and other Twinkly devices only in Area mode.


AREA  groups are groups of lights arranged on extended scenarios.
All your Twinkly devices will become an individual big setting, on which the effects will be reproduced in full size.

For example, if you have three Twinkly X-Mas trees, and you decide to group the three together in Area one, the effect will reproduce on the whole setting, the three trees, and each one of them will reproduce a portion of the entire figure.


Step By Step procedure to create an Area Group

  1. Access the “Devices” menu
  2. Make sure they are all on, marked with the Green status icon.
  3. Click on the link icon
  4. Choose the  option “Area”


Select the “Area” group type:
  • Area editor:  This option allows you to set on the layout your individual devices exactly as they are positioned in real space. Thanks to this editor it is possible to change the zoom, the rotation, and finally the size of your layout. After choosing your favorite options, select save in the bottom right corner and choose the name of the group.    
HubSpot Video


  • Camera Mapping  -  Use the smartphone camera to map the group (2D option only)
HubSpot Video


  • Vertical (for iOS only) – Select single devices from the Higher one (IE: top of the tree) to the lower one (Base of the tree).
HubSpot Video
  • Horizontal  (for iOS only) – Select single devices from the left to the right.
HubSpot Video

    5.   Give your group a name.

    6.  The group will appear in the device list.

    7. If you choose the Camera Mapping option, you will be guided to perform the mapping of the whole          scene.


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