What are the features of a group made up of RGB and RGB+W devices?

What happens if I make a group between RGB and RGB+W LEDs.

Applies to Gen I and Gen II devices, Twinkly PRO, and Twinkly Plus.


Starting with Twinkly App version 3.11 it is finally possible to create groups between RGB (Multicolor) and RGB+W (Multicolor + White) devices.
However, we are talking about LEDs with different characteristics so remember that you may notice certain differences within an installation composed of Twinkly products with different profiles.

Brightness, Color, and Brilliance

In addition to the difference you may notice between the 600 LEDs Strings and the shorter models (even of the same profile), you have to keep in mind that the RGB+W's concave lens, half clear and half matte, enhances the general brightness, the color blend, and the brilliance of the warm white.

This means that RGB and RGB+W devices will not reproduce exactly the same colors and hues, but you can still make them work together perfectly!

Warm White and color palette

Mixed groups will keep the RGB features, so will lose their extra ones compared to the Multicolor + White line, therefore the color palette will be the RGB one since the group will be able to reproduce only combined whites, not pure ones.

The other palette colors, instead, are much more similar between the two different models.



The gallery will display the RGB profile-compatible effects


With a hybrid group, consisting of RGB and RGB+W devices, you still have the same functions as standard ones.
You can create all types of groups (Join, Synch, and Area), map in easy or advanced mode, apply colors, effects, and playlists, (adapted to the RGB palette), import gifs, and images, and synchronize lights with music using the phone's microphone or Twinkly Music dongle, and much more!


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