What are Twinkly products licensed to Polygroup?

Brief descriptions of the Twinkly Technology products licensed to Polygroup.

Applies to all Twinkly Technology products licensed to Polygroup


The products "Twinkly Technology licensed to Polygroup", including those branded Lumations and Evergreen, are a co-branded limited edition featuring the same software highlights as the Twinkly products.

They can be controlled via the Twinkly App and can use all the available features.

They can also be controlled with voice assistants and are compatible with Razer Chroma RGB.

They are virtually groupable with other devices, including Twinkly products, with the same LEDs profile or with another RGB profile.

If you love the idea of enriching your light collection with different designs and colors, you may include these models in your list, as they will work just like all other Twinkly products.

The only differences from the Twinkly standard portfolio are simply aesthetic and related to the hardware part (they are manufactured by Polygroup).

If you own a Polygroup-licensed product, please note that our Help Center will be ready to assist with all software features or issues, however, you should contact Polygroup if you need help with your unit, including exercising your right of withdrawal, ask for replacement, or any spare parts.


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