What do I do if Twinkly’s Direct Network doesn't show?

What to do in case you can't see your Twinkly direct Network anymore

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices  and Twinkly  Plus.


If your device is connected to the power supply, check if the lights on the controller are on.


If on the controller, a steady green light is on, and the Twinkly_XXXXXX network doesn’t come up in the available Wi-Fi lists, probably something is causing interference.

Please try to move your Twinkly to another room/building and try to exclude or confirm this kind of issue.

If on the controller a blinking green/blue (Generation I) or red/blue (Generation II) light is on, that means that your Twinkly is trying to connect to the local wifi network: reset your Twinkly and try again.

If this doesn’t help, please contact us using the link below


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