What is the warranty policy of my Twinkly product?

What are the terms of the warranty on my Twinkly products?

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


How long is the warranty period on Twinkly products?

Twinkly warranty terms and duration depend on the country where the product was purchased.

Usually, this is 1 year in the US, Canada and Australia (+ New Zealand) and 2 years in the European Economic Area, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

What are the terms of the warranty on my Twinkly products purchased from an official seller?

We always suggest purchasing Twinkly from one of our authorized sellers (see the list on Store Finder), or from our e-shop to ensure the best service, including after-sales support.

The warranty terms and duration may change depending on where you bought your products.

Under the standard warranty applicable in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the seller is responsible for replacing, repairing or refunding a defective product. On the other hand, in the US and Canada applicable warranties can vary based on the individual retailer’s policy, as some retailers could refer their customers back to the manufacturer, after which Twinkly would be responsible for replacing defective products.

What are the warranty terms for a Twinkly product purchased in the USA or Canada?

The warranty is valid for one year and, unlike in Europe, the manufacturer may have to manage replacements in case of defective products.

Generally, you have a window of about 30 days (which may vary by retailer) to exercise your right of withdrawal and contact your retailer for a refund.
After this time period has expired, the consumer can also refer to the manufacturer for assistance with defective products.

You can find the whole policy here.

What are the warranty terms for a Twinkly product purchased in the EU, the UK or Switzerland?

European legislation requires the seller to grant the consumer a minimum 2-year warranty (so-called legal warranty of conformity) as protection against defective goods or goods that do not correspond advertisements. In some countries, national legislation requires the seller to provide a longer warranty.

The consumer, whose merchandise has a conformity defect, must contact the retailer, who is the sole responsible party, regardless of whether the defect is caused by another party in the distribution chain (e.g., the manufacturer).

It is the seller who must directly and personally respond to the consumer's claims.

The consumer cannot take direct action against any of the parties in the distribution chain, but he has to report directly to the final retailer, who is the party with whom he has contracted and who has been able to address inquiries regarding the intended use of the product.

You can find the whole policy here.

What are the warranty terms for a Twinkly product purchased on our online shop?

If you decide to purchase from our online shop, you can find the conditions of sale here.

In addition, you can find other useful information for the consumer here:

When is a product considered defective?

A product is considered faulty if it deviates from its described specifications or if it cannot be used for its intended purposes or the specific purposes requested by the consumer.The product is also considered faulty if it does not meet expected quality standards and does not perform as reasonably anticipated.

Does the warranty also cover accidental damage?

Accidental damages are defined as those resulting from improper use rather than product defects, and they are not attributed to third parties or extraordinary natural events.

How will Twinkly help you in case of need?

Once we have confirmed a hardware defect in the product through remote consultation via our 'contact us' platform, we will initiate the replacement process, providing the consumer with a new product. If a new product of the same model is unavailable, we retain the right to replace the defective product with a refurbished one.


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