What is Twinkly Minicaps?

Introduction for the new 100 Twinkly silicone caps.

Twinkly Minicaps are suitable for Generation I and II Twinkly devices: Strings, Icicle, Cluster, Curtain and Wall.

Twinkly MiniCaps are not compatible with the LEDs of the PRO and Plus range, which have LEDs that are equipped with a larger diameter LEDs.


Twinkly Mini Caps are small transparent caps designed as a refined cover of your LEDs for all your Twinkly products: Strings, Icicle, Curtain, and Cluster, both Generation I and II.

Mini Caps are definitely the new accessories that will make your installation a true design object ready to be enjoyed all year round.

Suitable for all LEDs profiles, from Multicolor to Gold&Silver range, they are perfectly made to enhance your classic Twinkly products and make them even more of a highlight in your home.

With a size of 15 mm and the use of the best quality silicone, you will be able to enhance the illumination of your device by 150%, giving you a glare-free experience.

Thanks to Minicaps your Twinkly installation will be even more charming and everyone will notice it!





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