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Lightwall is for anyone who want to take their stage presence to the next level.

This ultra-portable, ready-to-use backdrop, made of the finest black textile and 1120 addressable LEDs, is powered by Twinkly technology to create an extraordinary audiovisual experience.

With the included USB-powered audio-sensor, Twinkly Mobile and Desktop App features , you are control your lights which automatically sync to your music in real time for a completely personalized live performance.

Virtually groupable with other Twinkly retail devices and physically extendable thanks to its special hinge that allows multiple units to be assembled together, Lightwall is easy to configure via Bluetooth®, with Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity. Once set up let the Twinkly App do the rest.

Scan your lights using the camera of your smartphone to begin customizing your display with a wide array of preset effects and animations, or create your own with a few taps, with over 16 million colors available. Lightwall is also compatible with Homey and Integrates with Razer Chroma™ RGB and OMEN Light Studio.

If one Lightwall is not enough, multiple Lightwalls can be connected for a larger, unified stage backdrop that can be controlled from a single device.
Transportation is made easy with the included travel trolley that holds the included aluminium frame, smart controller, power adapter with plug type F,and water weights (for added stability).

For more information, please go to lightwall.com





General information:

  • LED Type: addressable RGB (Multicolor)

  • Replaceable lamps: No

  • Controller: Generation II

  • Lifespan: Over 10.000 hours

  • IP rating: IP20 (indoor use only)

  • Number of LEDs: 1120

  • Lamps Type: Matte Pearl-shaped

Dimensions and Technical information:

Product SKU: TWDJ1120STP-BUS

Variations: Multicolor (RGB) only.

Cable: Black

Lamp diameter: 0.3 in

Drops schema: 28 drops, 40 lamps each

Distance between drops: 3.5 in

Distance between lamps: 2.5 in

Lead cable length: 9.8 ft

Power cable length: 5 ft

Adapter input voltage 110–240V – 50/60Hz

Adapter output voltage 90W (24V 3.75A)

Plug supplied: Type A


Twinkly Music: Included

Backdrop stand: Included

Stand dimensions: 2.55 x 2.7 m

Stand color: Black

Transportationg bag: Included


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