What’s the Effects Gallery?

Description of the Twinkly App's Gallery

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


1. What's the Effects Gallery?

The Effects Gallery is the main repository of all your effects.

Here you will find all the pre-loaded designs that you can apply directly on your lights, save as favorites, or edit.

In the gallery, you can also find your personal downloaded effects and the ones you created with the FX Wizard.

Finally, tapping on the Favorite folder, you will find the collection of the effects you flagged as favorites.

2. What's the Effects Gallery's main features?

Depending on the Twinkly model you are using  (Strings, Curtain, Flex, etc...)  and its LED profile or mapping (Easy or Advanced), available effects may vary.

The colors shown in the effect thumbnails in the gallery, change according to your Twinkly's LED profile, for example, AWW ones will have all the effects in golden shades.

When you have a mixed LEDs profile group ( RGB with RGB+W), the App shows the RGB gallery to guarantee even results in terms of white color.

Here you can see an overview of the 3 different galleries: RGB, RGB+W, and AWW:


And here is an overview of how you can preview the 3D effects:

Some pre-loaded effects will be available only with a certain kind of mapping on your Layout: to have 3D effects that run around your installation, you have to take an advanced mapping so that the app can adapt the effects to the layout.


3. Any useful tips for playing and having fun with my effects Gallery?

If you have trouble applying or saving effects, some simple tips may help.

  • Can't download effects

Be sure to be connected to the internet (Twinkly direct connection creates a network for your device to communicate, but doesn’t provide an internet connection)
  • Can't apply effects

Check your connection status and be close enough to your router so that the app can easily communicate with your device.

Also, remember that to apply the effect you have to tap on the related button, otherwise, if you leave the preview mode too early, it won’t be saved!

Moreover, check that the Twinkly App is not open in the background on more than one phone.


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