What's Twinkly Plus Controller? (Twinkly Plus)

The Twinkly Plus 2023 Controller unboxing and onboarding

Applies to Twinkly Plus 2023 Controller


The Twinkly Plus Controller package contains the following items:

  • TWPLUS-C-4P-23

  • Power adapter 120 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz - 90W MAX


Operation and features

Twinkly Plus has some special features that are important to mention and explain:

  • Power supply
    Twinkly Plus has a replaceable 90W power supply.

  • Onboarding and network connection
    Twinkly Plus has an automatic identification system of the device connected to the controller and a Bluetooth connection system.
    Unlike Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi controllers and Retails devices, it also has Ethernet, so it can be connected with a network cable to a wired network.

The setup process in Wi-Fi mode is the same as Generation II devices, using Bluetooth feature, whereas if you choose Ethernet connection mode you just need to connect it to your router with a network cable or a network switch, and the App will find it as already connected when you add a device.

Please keep in mind that if you have already connected Twinkly Plus in Wi-FI mode, to switch to Ethernet just plug the network cable into the router and automatically the device will connect in Ethernet mode, without having to take any action on the App.
Vice versa, if you have already connected Twinkly Plus in Wi-Fi mode, you have switched to Ethernet and now you want to switch back to Wi-Fi again, simply disconnect the network cable.

However, if you have never connected the device in Wi-Fi mode, after removing the network cable, you will need to proceed with the App onboarding procedure.

  • Different groups of LEDs connected to the same controller
    The Twinkly Plus controller allows you to mix LEDs connected to the same controller, so you can use both PLC and SPI LED products, and attach a Curtain in one port, Bulbs in another, and so on.
In addition, unlike Twinkly PRO, it is also compatible with the Android operating system


The onboarding procedure is explained  step by step in this helpful tutorials.

Wi-fi set-up

Ethernet set-up


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