How can I group my Twinkly Squares?

How to group Twinkly Squares panels with each other and with other devices

Applies to Twinkly Squares


How do I connect Squares panels?

Up to 15 extension panels can be connected to a Master Square, the main panel that contains the controller.
You can then arrange your Squares tiles as desired using the supplied cables to connect them.

Keep in mind that each time you add one or more tiles to your installation, you will have to run the Mapping process again

How do I group two or more installations of Squares panels?

If you have two or more sets of Squares masters connected to their respective extensions, you can virtually join or sync them to create large installations in the same or other areas of the room.

To create a Squares group, follow these instructions on grouping Twinkly devices.

How do I group my Squares panels with other  Twinkly devices?

To create even larger and more stunning light installations, you can also follow the same instructions in the link above to group your Squares creations with other Twinkly products, as long as they use RGB LEDs or RGB+W LEDs (e.g. Strings, Icicle, Flex, Curtain).


Please keep in mind that if you group Squares with other RGB or RGB+W products, the Pixel Art feature and the GIF effects will not be available.


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