Can I use my twinkly lights even without Internet?

How to use Twinkly offline

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices.


You decided to go off the grid and start living “into the wild”?

Well, we can understand you, however you don’t need to renounce your Twinkly moments! 😉


Twinkly in fact can be used, also without any internet connection, like classical fairy lights!

You just have to scroll into the presets modes, using your controller and pushing its button, your Twinkly will perform effect after effect like you were choosing them from the app!


Are you sure though, you really want to renounce your Twinkly real magic?

Half the fun lies in playing with all the wonderful features our app offers you!

Twinkly, in fact, is a lot more than simple fairy lights, they’re thought to be smart, to be managed remotely with your phone, or your favourite vocal control, but a smart environment required an internet connection to let all your devices communicate!

Moreover, connecting your Twinkly device will allow you to download new effects from the store, create your own, and group all your lights together to make your home, the real light show you deserve!


You can discover more about the possibility a WI-Fi connection gives you, by taking a look at this article!


Important notes:

Connecting Twinkly to a local Wi-fi network is essential to get the best out of your Twinkly, but it's not strictly necessary, for example, you can connect it using Twinkly direct Wi-Fi.

Twinkly will work as a stand-alone product or, in direct communication with your smartphone.

Also, it will work on routers that have not internet access and it could be an option if you want to use your devices in places without a wi-fi connection.


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