What is the meaning of the Device Menu?

Description of content and features of the Device Menu

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.

The devices’ menu collects information about the connected Twinkly. You can find both the single devices and groups in the menu, identified by an icon and status indicator.

You can create new groups from this menu, delete an existing device, or add a new one.

Device details

Select a device and tap on the “gear” icon on the right.

You will access the screen where all the device details are listed.


  • Name – You can change the name of your Twinkly.

  • Active LEDs' number – Number of active LEDs. (1)

  • Model – The model name.

  • LED profile – The device's LED color profile.

  • MAC Address – A MAC Address (which stands for Media Access Control) is a 12-digit address used to uniquely identify each network card (ethernet or wireless).

  • Firmware – The installed Firmware version.
    An icon indicates that an update is available: tap on the “update firmware” button, if available, to launch the update. Once launched, please wait for the reboot, do not touch anything. Together with the update icon, you will also find an exclamation point icon, next to the actual firmware version, you can also tap on this icon to download your update!

  • IP Address – An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network.

  • RSSI - It's a measurement of the Wi-Fi signal. When measured in negative numbers, the number closer to zero usually means a better signal. (As an example -50 is a fairly good signal, -75 - is quite reasonable, and -100 indicates no signal)

  • Network – This is where the name of the local Wi-Fi network to which the device is connected appears.

If you are using iOS device and Generation II product, you will also find the Home Kit button on your device page, which will allow you to enable and use this feature.

Device detail page_Mockup reatil

This menu can be helpful for those who need to set up the total number of LEDs they own: Strings or Festoons Starter kit and Add-ons, Pre-lit owners.


Preview Devices or Group Status

Twinkly app has an additional useful feature: while in the device list, next to your Twinkly Name, you will find a square icon, which filling will represent the status of your device:


                                                             A green dot next to devices: devices online Device online-1


Grey: your device is offDevice OFF


 Grey and white striped icon: devices without saved effects:
Devices without saved effects


Color: your device is in full-color mode, which means that you chose to apply a single color to your string; the color you see in the square is the one applied to your lights.



Playlist icon: when a playlist of effects is activated, your icon will show the playlist symbol



Effect preview: the square shows a preview of the effect you chose to apply to your device
Effect preview


Twinkly Music: when a musical note symbol appears in your icon, it means that the device is playing a twinkly Music driver, synching to the song or sounds, around you.

     Twinkly Music


This way, you will have all you need to know about your device, at hand on a single screen!


Important note:

For devices with firmware lower than 2.7.0 (e.g. Generation I) or groups containing at least one device with firmware lower than 2.7.0. the status icon and the Color TAB do not appear when they are online.


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